E-MAIL: guochen(at)msu.edu

Pronouns: she/her/hers

2022–2023: Lilly Fellowship

Fall 2018: Sabbatical Leave

2017–2018: Wilson Fellowship Leave



Core Faculty, Asian Pacific American (APA) Studies Program

Affiliated Faculty, Asian Studies Center, International Studies & Programs

Affiliated Faculty, Environmental Science and Policy Program (ESPP)



-Enacting Inclusive Futures: APA Studies Symposium 2022/3/18

-Guo Featured in AAG Women in Geography Webinar: Thriving and Advancing in a Male Dominated Field 2022/3/15

-SWIG Event: Neurodiversity and Space (with resources) 2022/3/4

-SWIG Roundtable & Talk: Afghanistan: Security, Gender, and Development 2021/10/28-29

-Honors Research Seminar on Global Slums;  URRAF award-winning undergrad research Fall 2021–Spring 2022

-AAG virtual panel on anti-racist praxis in Geography and AAG virtual panel on migration, race, ethnicity, & justice, both organized by Guo; Guo penned inaugural AAG-Perspectives article 2021/4/29

-Guo received the CGSG Outstanding Service Award in 2020; AAG newsletter 2020

-Guo as faculty organizer of Anti-Asian Racism & Covid-19 webinar 2020



Urban & Economic Geography

Poverty, Inequality, & Social Justice

Slums, Housing,  & Migrants

Urban & Regional Policies

Urbanization & Environment

Mixed, Quantitative, Qualitative, & Creative Research Methods

China & Globalization

Global South, Asia-Pacific, & Emerging Countries

Guo Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geography & Global Urban Studies

Michigan State University

Ph.D., Geography, Pennsylvania State University

M.S. & B.S., Nanjing University

Teaching for engaged learning is integral to my scholarship. Critical engagement with simulation games, documentaries, and various types of visuals has been extensively used in my courses. Students have created remarkable works including posters with maps and infographics, some of which are showcased on respective course websites.  Students in my Honors Research Seminar have won awards for their research projects.

Courses at MSU

GEO813: Seminar in Urban and Economic Geography (Spring 2023)

GUSP/GEO817: China and Globalization (Rated 1.0 Highest Score; 1 strongly agree)

UGS 200H: Honors Research Seminar on Global Slums, Migration, and Inequality

GEO492: Geographic Research Problems: Inequality and Poverty

GEO480: Geography Senior Seminar: History, Philosophy and Methodology in Geography (Rated 1.5)

GEO413: Urban Geography (Spring 2023)

GEO337: Geography of Asia-Pacific (Rated 1.2 High Score; Asian Studies Minor Exit Course & APA Studies Minor Course)

GEO113: Introduction to Economic Geography (Small, Large, & Honors; Rated 1.5)

ISS315: Global Diversity and Interdependence (Small & Honors, Rated 1.3 High Score)

ISS310: People and Environment

Taught Economic Geography and Global Economy as graduate student

Course Comments from Students 2021-22

“Overall I really enjoyed the course…”

“Professor Chen was one of my favorite professors this year. She was so accommodating and always worked with her students to make sure they can participate and be a part of the class.”

“I have really enjoyed the readings and I find the contents really interesting!”

“I loved this professor and class, she did an amazing job communicating outside of class, presenting engaging material, and enjoyed the assignments for this class. I could tell she was really passionate about the topic which made it overall a better experience than other classes!”

“The information and topics presented were incredibly well done and easy to follow…”

“Professor Chen, Thank you for the additional resources for researching more about disability…”

“Thanks for the great semester! I had a lot of fun and I felt you taught a valuable course for me personally… the classes… were very nice…I wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done.” 

“Great class!”

“Thank you very much…for highlighting the theme of groups (rural, indigenous, and the poor) being left out in modernization in so many Asia Pacific countries (while also discussing the changing socio-economic and environmental geographies)…it’s both sad and fascinating to learn…thank you!” 

“Overall, I enjoyed the course and felt the lessons were valuable.”