Recent grants

Recent grants (all as PI)


USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, "2022 North Central Region National Cooperative Soil Survey Conference"



Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, "Loess Mapping in Wisconsin"



MSU PURI program, "Examination of weathering within soil tongues"



NSF, “Understanding Past Environments and Glacial Processes Through an Analysis of a Newly Discovered Glacial Lake”



MSU College of Social Science Faculty Initiative Funds grant, "Mapping of deep clay deposits in northern lower Michigan"



INQUA, "Support for the 2016 INQUA Loess Focus Group meeting, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA"



NSF, Conference Grant: Support for the 2016 INQUA Loessfest – an International Conference on Loess, Dust and Related Topics.



MSU AgBio Research Bridge grant. Forest Biogeochemistry-Climate Change Research. (David Rothstein is PI; I am co-PI)



Honors College grant in support of teaching: UGS 200H.


2013 AAG, Research Grant: Multiple Source Areas for the Loess of Central Wisconsin: A Geographic Approach. $900.

NSF, Research Grant: Snow and Snowpack Controls on Dissolved Organic Carbon Production, Transport and Stabilization in Northern Forest Soils. (David Rothstein is PI, Stuart Grandy and I are co-PIs)



Honors College grant in support of teaching: UGS 200H.



NSF, Research Grant: Theoretical and paleoenvironmental implications of dating and characterizing loess deposits in the upper Midwest. (Steve Forman and John Attig are co-PIs)


2007 USDA-Forest Service Grant: The Fertility Potential Index: Expanding on prior USFS research on soils as barometers of forest health. (Frank Krist is co-PI)


2006 NSF, Research Experience for Undergraduates, supplement to the 2004 NSF grant.


2005 USDA-Forest Service Grant: Development of a dryness/wetness index for soils of the United States, based on their taxonomic classification. (Frank Krist is co-PI)


2004 NSF, Research Grant: Spatial signatures of soils and sediments: Geomorphic research on silty soils in the midwest USA.

2002 IRGP, MSU:, "Coming full circle: Putting the geography back in soil science"

2001 NSF, Research Experience for Undergraduates, supplement to the 1999 NSF grant    

1999 NSF, Research Grant: Soils, geomorphology, GIS and paleolakes in northern Lower Michigan.     

1996 NSF, Research Experience for Undergraduates, supplement to the 1994 NSF grant   

1994 NSF, Research Grant: Functional interrelationships among landscape position, lithology and water flow in bisequal soils   

1991 Association of American Geographers, Research Grant: Carbonate accumulations in humid climate soils. (includes $2762. of in-kind support from the USDA-Soil Conservation Service)     


Major grants with PhD students

2004 Joseph Hupy Assessing Landscape Disturbance and Recovery Across a WWI Battlefield, Verdun, France.


1994 Linda Barrett Human Disturbance and Site Factors Influencing Spatial Patterns of Forest Regeneration


1994 Johan Liebens Pedology and 10Be dating of colluvial deposits in the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina.