Posters presented at professional meetings

Date Poster title Meeting
2019 Spatial variation in till texture and clay mineralogy across the Saginaw Lobe terrain, Great Lakes region, USA INQUA conference
2018 Evidence of eolian erosion of the bedrock landscapes of western Wisconsin during the late Pleistocene GSA annual meeting
2018 Refining precision and quality control standards for analysis of loess by laser diffractometry INQUA Loess Focus Group Conference
2018 Silty-Sand loess in the lee of dunes INQUA Loess Focus Group Conference
2017 Introducing Glacial Lake Roscommon, Central Lower Michigan GSA national meeting
2016 Loess spatial characteristics estimate paleowind patterns during and after Late Glacial Maximum in Wisconsin, USA GSA national meeting
2016 Luminescence ages on a kame delta constrain the glacial retreat from central lower Michigan North-central GSA meeting
2016 Undergraduate Honors Seminar: Kame deltas in central Lower Michigan provide evidence for a previously unknown, high-level glacial lake MSU UURAF conference
2015 Visualizing point data across landscapes in a GIS: Examples from loess deposits in the northern Great Lakes region North-central GSA meeting
2015 Loess Distribution and Character is Southwestern Michigan ESRI User conference
2015 A Graduate-Undergraduate Seminar on the Soils of Southwestern Michigan: In the Field, in the Lab, and using a GIS MSU UURAF conference
2014 Digital Classification of Hillslope Position for Defining Soil Map Units SSSA national meeting
2013 Distribution and Ages of Pleistocene Deltas in Southern Michigan, USA: A preliminary mapping effort GSA national meeting
2012 The Black River Delta as Proxy Evidence for Easterly Winds in Glacial Lake Algonquin MSU Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum
2012 Evidence for Late Pleistocene Loess Transport on Katabatic Winds: Great Lakes Region, USA INQUA Loess Focus Group Conference
2012 A New Method for Distinguishing the Original Textural Properties of Loess that Has Been Mixed with Underlying Sediment INQUA Loess Focus Group Conference
2012 The Soil Productivity Index: Taxonomically Based, Ordinal Estimates of Soil Productivity AAG National meeting
2011 Mapping and Characterizing Thin Loess Deposits at the Northeastern Margins of the North American Loess Sheet GSA national meeting
2011 Landscape (Soil) Wetness Map of the Conterminous United States ESRI Users Conference
2011 The Soil Fertility and Drainage Indexes: Taxonomically Based, Ordinal Estimates of Relative Soil Properties National Cooperative Soil Survey Conference
2010 Using GIS Data to Develop a Better Physiographic Map: The Michigan Example Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium
2010 The Natural Soil Drainage Index (DI) -A Useful Tool for Depicting Soil Wetness on a Landscape Scale Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium
2010 Michigan's Physiographic Regions: A Chronological Comparison Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
2009 The Antigo Loess Sheet in Northeastern Wisconsin GSA regional meeting
2008 The Loess Cover on the Antigo Flats Outwash Plain, NE Wisconsin GSA regional meeting
2008 Introducing and Applying a Soil Wetness Index Designed for Modeling, GIS and Mapping Applications 11th North American Forest Soils Conference
2007 Late Wisconsin Permafrost Conditions as Evidenced by Patterned Ground in the Saginaw Lowlands, East-Central Lower Michigan AGU national meeting
2007 Loess and Eolian Sediments of NE Wisconsin GSA national meeting
2007 The Buckley Loess Sheet in NW Lower Michigan: Evidence for a Manistee River Outwash Source GSA national meeting
2007 Introducing a New Index of Soil Wetness, and its Potential as a Landscape/Landform Visualization Tool GSA regional meetings (NC and SC)
2007 Using the New Natural Soil Drainage Index to Highlight and Explain Soil Wetness Patterns in Michigan Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
2007 An Anomalous Silt Cap on the Outer Port Huron Outwash Plain near Buckley, Michigan - Could it be Loess? Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
2006 Characteristics and distribution of some silty upland soil �caps� in Michigan�s Upper Peninsula: Are they eolian? VI International Conference on Aeolian Research
2004 Weathering and Soil Development in Spodosols as Indicated by Hornblende Etching and Quartz/Feldspar Ratios Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium
2003 A Possible Disjunct of Peoria Loess in Northern Lower Michigan 16th International Quaternary Conference (INQUA)
2003 What is that silt that lies atop the Grayling Fingers in northern lower Michigan? East Lakes - West Lakes regional meeting of the AAG