Looking for an exciting major that will lead to a great, well-paying job when you finish college, then consider the Department of Geography at Michigan State University.  You may think that geography is simply knowing the location of countries, the names of rivers and mountains, and the capitals of states, but it's much more. Geographers have the unique ability to understand spatial relationships - in other words, where things are located, why they are there, and how they move and relate to each other in physical space. 

Geographers study the environment and how people interact with it.  They help plan and manage cities, organize and monitor the flow of consumer goods, and work in areas of human health.  Many geographers enjoy working with Geographical Information Systems, or GIS, which uses cutting edge digital technology to manage all kinds of geographical data ranging from aerial photos, infrared satellite imagery, maps of underground utility networks, road networks, and population density, to name a few. A geography degree allows you to successfully compete for all sorts of excellent jobs at good pay because you can market yourself as the rare individual who understands how people use space. Considering that all sorts of human endeavors are geographical in nature, your options with a geography degree are rich in possibilities.

If you want to take to the first step to MAP your FUTURE with a geography degree at MSU, visit the Department website to learn more about our classes, requirements, excellent faculty, and other opportunities. 

To learn more about what geographers do and the types of jobs our graduates have, check out our brochure.